Network bridges
Roon Ready network bridges let you stream from Roon to the digital inputs of your audio gear. A typical bridge connects to your network via ethernet or WiFi, and features a combination of USB, coaxial S/PDIF, and optical TOSLINK outputs. Those outputs can in turn be connected to your DAC or any other component with digital inputs, allowing you to use your legacy gear in a modern networked system.
Bluesound makes some of the most popular Roon Ready devices we offer. Renowned for exceptional performance, and value, Bluesound is dedicated to crafting premium audio products that reproduce high-resolution sound with unmatched precision. Bluesound is the future of home audio
Chances are you already recognize this brand, thanks to its celebrated history of awards from audiophile publications around the world. iFi prides themselves in producing top-notch, affordable components, with the expressed goal of making high quality audio accessible to everyone.
This Swedish company boasts a long line of award-winning products, and takes great pride in bringing Scandinavian values and design flourishes to everything they make. We love the wonderful balance Primare achieves in the holistic experience of their hardware and software, and have no doubt that you’ll feel the same.
Silent Angel
A dedication to quality consumer Hi-Fi is what defines Silent Angel Audio, and we believe that focus couldn’t be more obvious when using the components they produce. They demonstrate expertise not only in the production of high performance streaming gear, but also in creating a software experience that compliments their hardware wonderfully. This all adds up to a comprehensive listening experience that would be an asset for any home.
A trailblazer in the music streaming arena, Sonore is one of the first companies to introduce fiber-optic Ethernet connectivity to a network bridge. This totally unique approach to the fundamentals of audio and how music is transported via the internet will bring an exciting new element to any listening system – and will be backed by Sonore’s supremely capable software suite to boot.