Signature Rendu SE

Sonore is a pioneer of audiophile-grade fiber optic Ethernet network streaming, and the Signature Rendu SE is their flagship USB network bridge featuring this technology. Building upon the opticalRendu’s High Fidelity streaming componentry, the Signature Rendu benefits from a unified chassis design and fully integrated linear power supply – the complete streaming package. Enjoy unparalleled network audio performance that’s bolstered by a full suite of audio streaming integrations, from AirPlay and Spotify Connect to UPnP and Roon Ready. 


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Roon ready
Spotify connect
HQ player
Real electrical isolation
The Fiber Ethernet connection ensures full galvanic isolation from the network, lowering overall system noise. Sonore’s systemOptique design principles ensure that your music is streamed without upstream interference impacting your listening experience.
Dedicated audiophile engineering
The systemOptique board utilizes eleven audiophile grade, ultra-low noise linear regulators, plus a pair of fixed frequency, ultra-low jitter FEMTO oscillators, ensuring stellar rejection of unwanted noise and jitter from your music stream. This circuitry works in tandem with the Sonore engineered integrated linear power supply and ensures refined audio reproduction at every step of the way.
A myriad of supported network protocols
The Sonicorbiter OS based software opens up a variety of potential streaming options, including: SqueezeLite, AirPlay, DLNA, MPD output, HQ Player, Spotify Connect, TIDAL and Qobuz (via third party apps), and of course, it’s Roon Ready. No matter how technical your streaming, Signature Rendu SE is up to the task.
                       | !bold [!2~] opticalRendu         | !bold [!1~]Signature Rendu SE
Price                  | $2093                            | $4850
Femto Clock            | Yes                              | Yes
Power Supply           | External Linear                  | Integrated Linear
Fiber Media Convertor  | Included                         | Included
Network Connection     | SFP Fiber Ethernet               | SFP Fiber Ethernet
Dimensions             | 4.33"(W)x1.18"(H)x               | 12.75"(W)x3"(H)x 
                       | 4.41" (D)/ 0lbs 9.40z            | 10.25"(D)/ 10lbs
                       |!> [@View~/products/opticalRendu] | 

Signature Rendu unboxing
Signature Rendu setup
- Product Specifications
Connectivity			| Airplay 
                        | Spotify Connect 
                        | HQ Player
                        | Roon Ready 
                        | UPnP 

Audio inputs 			| Network streaming

Audio output     		| USB-A audio output connector

Network                 | Ethernet: SFP Fiber (OM1 SFP fiber Transceiver included)

Supported File Formats  | FLAC, ALAC, WAV, AIFF, MP3, AAC, OGG, WMA, WMA-L, DSF, DFF

Native Sampling Rate 	| PCM up to: 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 88.2kHz, 96kHz, 176.4kHz, 192kHz, 352.8kHz, 384kHz, 705.6kHz, and 768kHz
                        | DSD up to: DSD64, DSD128, DSD256, DSD512

Bit Depth               | 16,24,32

Clock                   | Two fixed frequency high-quality ultra low jitter femto oscillators

Control interface		| Web interface

Fiber Midia Converter   | Network: Gigabit Ethernet RJ45
                        | Power input: 5 VDC at 1 Amp min.
                        | Power connector: 5.5mm OD x 2.1mm (center +)
                        | Optical network Port: Gigabit Ethernet SFP (OM1 SFP Transceiver included)

Footers                 | Sorbothane

Power supply            | Integrated Turbo Linear: 120VAC or 230VAC, 60Hz or 50Hz

Dimensions  		    | 12.75"(W) x 3.0"(H) x 10.25"(D) - Signature Rendu
                        | 3.75"(W) x 2.75"(H) x 1.0"(D)- Fiber Midia Converter

Weight 					| 10lbs - Signature Rendu
                        | 0lbs 4.7oz - Fiber Midia Converter

- What's in the box	
1 x Signature Rendu
1 x Power cable
1 x Instructions Manual
1 x Warrenty Card
1 x 60 days Roon subscription code
1 x SGC Fiber Media Converter
1 x 5v power supply (switching) 120v/220v autoselect
1 x SFP module
1 x 1m (39.37 inches) fiber
1 x 15cm (6 inches) ethernet cable

- Manuals and Downloads
- Warranty
The Signature Rendu bundle is covered by a one-year warranty effective from the date of purchase