Nucleus Plus

The ultimate Roon experience

Designed by the team that made Roon, Nucleus is the only music server on the market that is designed from the ground up to provide the best Roon experience.

The Nucleus Plus is a zero compromise for those users that have large music libraries (files or streaming), many audio zones, or want the most demanding DSP options. The Nucleus Plus provides the snappiest and most future-proof experience for running Roon.


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Reasons you'll love Nucleus
Turn-key, zero maintenance
Silent and built for sound quality
Easy, integrated updates via Roon
Works with USB, HDMI, and networked audio devices
Import music files & streaming playlists
Rip your CDs losslessly*

* Ripping CDs requires an external USB optical drive (not included)

Inside the mysterious finned black box
When designing Nucleus, we ultimately decided to produce two models. They’re identical in all respects except for raw computing horsepower. We wanted to provide options based on specific needs and adjust device costs around the use scenario.
Compare the Nucleus family
                       | !bold [!1~w240]               |  !bold [!1~w240]
                       | Nucleus                       |  Nucleus Plus
  Price                | !> $1,459                     | $2,559
  Library capacity     | !> Up to 10,000 albums        | Over 10,000 albums
                       | (100,000 tracks)              | (100,000 tracks)
  Multi-room streaming | !> Up to six (6)              | Over six (6)
                       | simultaneous zones            | simultaneous zones
  DSP capabilities     | !> Certain combinations of    | All DSP combinations
                       | DSP + DSD may not be possible | are available
                       | !> [@View~/products/nucleus]  | 
Superior processing power
Nucleus Plus is for those with more rigorous processing requirements due to library size, more simultaneous playback streams, DSP, convolution, and high-rate DSD playback. Nucleus Plus provides the optimal platform for sonic sculpting; simply choose from any of our 1000+ Roon Certified partner devices to customize your sound.
Nucleus unboxing
Nucleus Plus 360
Useful info
- Product Specifications
Audio outputs			| 2 x USB Type A
						| 2 x HDMI (stereo and multi-channel audio)
						| Networked audio devices

Audio zones			    | No limit to simultaneous zones

DSP 	                | All Roon DSP functions available

Internal storage		| 2.5” SATA SSD or HDD up to 15mm drive height
                        | (drive not included)

External storage		| 2 x USB drives with USB Type A connector up to USB3.0 speeds

Library capacity		| Over 10,000 albums (100,000 tracks)

Network				    | Gigabit Ethernet LAN

App				        | Roon Remote (iOS and Android)

Control system			| Roon API, Crestron, Control4

Power supply 			| Input: AC 100-240V, 50-60Hz
                        | Output: DC 19V, 60W, Barrel size: 2.5mm ID, 5.5mm OD, 11mm L
						| Cord length: 4ft
                        | Plugs for US / UK / EU / AU

Dimensions              | 10.5" (W) x 2.5" (H) x 10.5" (D)

Weight 					| 7lbs net weight (product only)

Finish 				    | Black aluminium 

- What's in the Box
Nucleus Server
Universal DC power supply with plugs for US / UK / EU / AU
Quick Start Guide
A printed card containing a code for 1 free year of Roon. Can be used with existing accounts.
4 screws for mounting optional internal SSD/HDD

- Manuals & Downloads

- Warranty
Nucleus Plus is guaranteed against manufacturing failures (faulty components and defective materials) for a period of two years from the date of purchase. [_View here.~]
What you need to get
going with Nucleus
The Roon App
Roon's award winning user interface, Roon Remote, is the app that you will use to interact with your Nucleus.
Available on
Music & Storage

Nucleus supports all popular file formats on NAS, external USB drive, or internal storage drive.

Nucleus also seamlessly merges your files with millions of tracks from TIDAL and Qobuz!

Connected via
An Audio Device

Nucleus supports thousands of audio devices via USB, HDMI, and your wired or wireless network.

Popular protocols like Airplay, Chromecast, and the no-compromise Roon Ready devices all work out of the box.

Compatible with
Exceptional system, ease of use
I couldn't be more pleased, exceptional system, sound and ease of use! Well done Roon!
Craig Metz
Customer service is outstanding
This Nucleus is a great, easily connected piece of hardware. The sound of music, when the Nucleus is connected via USB to my McIntosh Receiver, is delightful! Perfect!
You Won't Regret It!
With the Nucleus, I never have to think about updates because they're downloaded automatically without any input from me.
No glitches of any sort. Does exactly what it's supposed to. Much better than using my IMAC as a Roon Core
Keith Alan Jackson
This thing totally works
I made it the center of my home audio system. It completely rocks. It's completely silent and fast as hell. Set it up and forget it. This is so worth it.
Theodore V. MccOnnell
A no-regret purchase
It literally took me a minute to set up and get running. The Nucleus will even update itself automatically when needed. Once you set it up, you never need to worry about it again.
Steve Huff