Mojo 2

The Mojo 2 picks up where its award winning predecessor left off, bringing enhanced performance and refined design elements to a familiar package. This pocket-sized DAC is a benchmark for portable audio performance – offering the renowned Chord sonic experience in an superbly accessible package. The Mojo 2 can connect to systems of all sizes via optical, coaxial, Micro USB and USB-C connections. And when bundled with Chord’s Poly streamer, it gains network streaming capability as well.


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World-class DSP in your pocket
Chord has integrated the world's most advanced portable DSP system into the Mojo 2, featuring advanced EQ adjustment without any degradation in audio performance. This technology ensures that the Mojo 2 is perfectly matched to your listening system and your tastes, from headphones to any additional equipment it’s paired with.
More battery life means more time for music
The Mojo 2 features dramatically improved battery management and performance over the original Mojo, with 9% more battery capacity, a 75% reduction in power loss, and faster charging rates overall. This portable DAC just became an even more convenient go-to choice for jamming around town.
Go further with Poly
When the Mojo 2 is combined with Chord’s specially designed streamer, the Poly, you’ll gain the ability to stream your music via Bluetooth and WiFi (AirPlay, Roon Ready) to your portable DAC. The pairing of the Poly with Mojo 2 results in a state-of-the-art music streaming solution that is equally at home in your HiFi system or traveling with you on-the-go.
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Mojo 2 unboxing and setup
Mojo 2 360
Poly 360
Useful info
- Product Specifications
Compatibility            | Roon Tested

Audio inputs			 | 2 x 3.5mm Coaxial S/PDIF up to 384kHz (768kHz in dual mode)
                         | 1 x Optical/Toslink S/PDIF up to 96kHz
                         | 1 x Micro-USB up to 768kHz
                         | 1 x USB-C up to 768kHz

Audio outputs 		    | 2 x 3.5 mm headphone outputs

Dynamic range  		     | 125dB A wt

Sample frequencies       | PCM up to 768 kHz / 32-bits 
                         | DoP DSD256  
                         | Native DSD512  

Output impedance		 | 0.06 Ω

THD         			 | 0.0003 % at 2.5 V/300 Ω

Output power             | 90 mW at 1 kHz/300Ω
                         | 600 mW at 1 kHz/30 Ω

Charging current         | 2 A

Operating voltage        | 5 V DC

Battery life 			 | 8 hours (approximately)

Dimensions 		 		 | 3.26" (W) x 2.44" (H) x 0.90" (D)

Weight					 | 0lb 6.4oz

- What's in the box	
1 x Mojo 2 
1 x Micro USB to USB Type-A cable
1 x 60 day trial of Qobuz and Roon code
1 x QSG 
1 x Card with QR code for QSG
1 x Safety instructions

- Manuals and Downloads

- Warranty
The Mojo 2 is covered by a one-year warranty effective from the date of delivery