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The Meze Audio Liric inherits much of its technology such as its capable hybrid planar driver array to its earcup and pad designs from its elder siblings the Empyrean and Elite. The outcome is an astonishingly dynamic and provocative sonic listening experience, packaged into a chassis that you can take anywhere. These custom-crafted headphones are a fantastic compliment to any listening system, and thanks to their robust, closed-back design, welcome listening on the go, a perfect “do it all” headphone for audiophiles of all types.


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Unique and powerful hybrid driver design
The Isodynamic drivers featured in the Liric were developed in partnership with Rinaro Isodynamics, a transducer company with over 30 years of experience in manufacturing planar designs. The custom designed, hand-built drivers in the Liric combine two independently shaped voice coils inside of the same diaphragm, which allows the headphone to selectively and intentionally deliver key aspects of the frequency range to various areas within the structure of the ear. This feat of engineering, in combination with the highly resolving, lightweight planar driver structure, ensures that this listening experience will be like nothing you’ve ever encountered before.
Comfortable ergonomics with fashionable looks
In crafting the Liric, Meze has cut precision channeling throughout the ear cushion, optimizing airflow and ventilation, of course, making long-term listening comfortable and enjoyable. The headband benefits from the same creative design work, with optimizations for comfort employed throughout the supple leather and lightweight magnesium elements in the Liric’s chassis. To top off all of the creature comforts built into the Liric’s design, the soft leather earcups and metallic copper accents result in an elegant and modern design, durable enough to be enjoyed no matter where your favorite listening spot may be.
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Liric features and unboxing
Liric 360
Useful info
- Product Specifications
Compatibility           | 3.5mm headphone cable 
Headphone Interconnect	| 2.5mm                                  

Driver	 			    | Rinaro Isodynamic Hybrid Array® MZ4

Earcup design 		    | Closed back

Frequency range  		| 4Hz - 92KHz

Impedance			    | 30Ω

Sensitivity			    | 100dB/1mW

THD         			| <0.15% at 1kHz

Materials			    | Black leather, magnesium frame 

Weight					| 0 lbs 13.7oz 

- What's in the box	
1 x Liric
1 x Hard EVA case with velvet lining
1 x 1.5m soft TPE cable with 3.5mm jack
1 x 3m soft TPE cable with 3.5mm jack
1 x 6.3mm jack adapter
1 x Airplane jack adapter
1 x Soft cable pouch

- Warranty
The Liric is covered by a two-year warranty effective from the date of purchase