LCD-2 Classic

This is the open-back headphone that brought Audeze into the foray, putting planar magnetic designs in the hearts and minds of audiophiles forever. The LCD-2 Classic are hand-built in the USA, with every detail proudly placing the effort of Audeze’s construction on full display.  These headphones exude the warm, vibrant tonal signature that Audeze is best known for, with a comfortable and sturdy package built to make long listening sessions easy as can be.


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Quality in construction
The LCD-2 Classic features a hand-built chassis with sculpted earpads that maximize comfort during long listening sessions. The soft-touch earpads and sturdy earcups put the proud, high quality craftsmanship from Audeze on full display – these headphones are meant to be cherished for a lifetime.
An innovator in acoustic technology
An innovator in acoustic technology The Audeze Planar Magnetic Array that’s on display in the LCD-2 Classic has been the recipient of spectacular reviews the world over since the very beginning. Thanks to delicate, custom driver tuning and open-back design, the presence and poise that these headphones bring to music is one of a kind, with bass that extends with remarkable richness. This is the benchmark from Audeze in planar headphone greatness.
Even better with Roon
Thanks to an in-depth partnership with Roon, your Audeze listening experience can be taken to the next level. Activate the custom designed, Audeze specific listening profiles inside of Roon’s DSP engine, and you’ll be able to experience your headphones in a special way that can’t be found anywhere else.
Original Audeze Sound
Audeze’s fame can be traced back to the original LCD-2. Much has changed over the years, but these headphones still retain the iconic warmth and vibrant presentation that first captivated listeners more than a decade ago. The LCD-2 Classic heralds back to the early days of Audeze. It removes the Fazor elements of the current generation LCD-2 drivers realigning the sound of the LCD-2 Classic with that of the original LCD-2 launched in 2008. The result is a warm and engaging musical experience that features powerful bass and a rich midrange without sacrificing the sound or performance improvements Audeze has made over the past decade. Whether you’re an old fan of the original LCD-2 or a brand new Audeze customer who wants to connect to the music as though you're in the room with the musicians, the LCD-2 Classic is a great option for you!
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Useful info
- Product Specifications 

Headphone Interconnect	| 4-pin mini-XLR   

Headphone enclosure 	| Over-ear, open-back                                 

Driver	 			    | 106mm Planar magnetic driver

Frequency range  		| 10Hz - 50kHz

Impedance			    | 70Ω

Sensitivity			    | 101dB/1mW

THD         			| <0.1% at 1kHz 

Maximum SPL 		    |>130dB

Minimum power requirement	| >100mW 

Recommended power level	| >250mW

Materials			    | Metal chassis and vegan leather earpads 

Weight					| 1 lbs 3.1oz (544g)

- What's in the box	
1 x LCD-2 Classic
1 x Audeze LCD hard carry case 
1 x 1.9m 1/4'' to dual 4-pin mini-XLR cable
1 x warrenty card
1 x card
2 x keys

- Manuals and Downloads
[@DOWNLOAD User Guide~]

- Warranty
The LCD-2 Classic is covered by a one-year general warranty and a three-year planar driver warranty, effective from the date of purchase.