ÆON 2 Noire
Dan Clark Audio

The Aeon Noire brings a no-frills, all black look to the Aeon line, with a bit of a twist. These headphones retain all of the typical Aeon attributes: lightweight design, beautiful sonic performance, and long-lasting comfort neatly packaged in one place, however this particular has a standout feature: unique driver tuning. Dan Clark Audio has specially designed the acoustic of the TrueFlow V2 drivers in the Aeon Noire to closely match the “Harman Curve.” Strong bass and treble presence define this sound signature, giving you a fresh experience to discover as a part of the Aeon lineup.


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Compact and lightweight
Dan Clark Audio carefully assembles these headphones with carbon fiber, titanium, and aluminum, giving you peace of mind that their construction is incredibly robust. Quality materials arent the only thing that the Aeon Noire’s have up their sleeve either, they can also neatly fold up, allowing for easy portability anywhere you choose to take them.
Custom-built craftsmanship
The Aeon Noire features a pair of drivers that are completely custom designed and assembled in-house by Dan Clark Audio. Not only is this a testament to the craftsmanship and talent involved in the engineering involved when creating these headphones, but it gives you assurance that the Harman Curve-tuned sound reaching your ears is arriving exactly the way that the creators have intended.
Aeon 2 Noire unboxing and design review
Aeon 2 Noire 360
Useful info
- Product Specifications 

Headphone Interconnect	| 4-pin mini-XLR   

Headphone enclosure 	| Over-ear, closed-back                                 

Driver	 			    | 62mm x 34mm Planar magnetic driver

Frequency range  		| 20Hz - 20kHz

Impedance			    | 13Ω

Sensitivity			    | 92dB/1mW

THD         			| <0.3% at  20-20KHz
				        | <0.1% at  100-8KHz

Materials			    | Metal and carbon fiber chassis and vegan leather earpads 

Weight					| 0 lbs 11.5oz (328g)

- What's in the box	
1 x Aeon Noire
1 x Carrying case
1 x ¼” with 3.5mm Cable 
1 x Certificate of authenticity
1 x User guide
1 x Tuning kit (Black foam, black felt, 2 x notches in white)

- Manuals and Downloads
[@DOWNLOAD USER GUIDE~http://danclarkaudio.com/pub/docs/2022/%C3%86ON-2-QUICK-GUIDE.pdf]

- Warranty
The Aeon Noire is covered by a two-year general warranty and a three-year planar driver warranty, effective from the date of purchase.