8c (Pair)
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The Dutch & Dutch 8c is an innovative new active speaker handcrafted in the Netherlands. Fast becoming a top choice for mastering studios, the 8c uses a variety of new technologies that work together with the acoustics of your listening room to deliver an extremely natural, detailed sound. These will quite possibly be the best speakers you have ever heard, even compared with full systems costing four times the price.


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Roon Ready
Balanced Analog Input
AES/EBU Digital input
Trusted by mastering engineers around the world
With its origins in mixing and mastering studios, the 8c is a full-range speaker with the kind of measurable accuracy required by recording and mastering professionals. Its revolutionary cabinet design provides the 8c with constant directivity from 100 Hz upwards and +/-0.5dB frequency response above 35Hz.
Form following function
The 8c's world-class sound is a result of its proprietary waveguide tweeter, acoustic cardioid midrange, and rear-firing bass drivers. It's visually stunning baffle design is the result of the configuration of those drivers. The waveguide tweeter, nestled in a concave depression in the baffle, is designed to minimize diffraction. The cardioid midrange driver reduces the rearward radiation of midrange sound, resulting in improved flexibility of loudspeaker placement in the room and even frequency response across a wide area. Additionally, the side vents produce a wavefront derived from the energy coming off the back of the midrange driver, canceling out energy that tends to bend around the cabinet corners, minimizing reflections.
Speakers that work with your room, not against it
While other speaker designs are plagued by poor bass time alignment, the 8c uses Active Room Matching and Boundary Coupled Bass DSP to take advantage of the walls of your room rather than trying to compensate for them. This gives you the freedom to place speakers nearer to your walls than conventional speakers
In addition to its stellar performance and professional pedigree, the 8c is Roon Ready... it's as if this speaker was made for Roon.
8c unboxing
Complimentary stand assembly
Useful info
- Product Specifications
Connectivity			| Roon Ready

Audio inputs			| AES3 over XLR
					| Left / Right / Mono Channel Switch
| Balanced audio over XLR
| Sensitivity switch: +4 DBU / -10 DBV
| Peak input level: +24 DBU (+4 DBU setting)

Audio outputs			| AES3 loop through over XLR
| DSP Controlled Output for Active Subwoofer

Loudspeakers			| Drivers
| LF: 8” Aluminium Cone (2x)
| MF: 8” Aluminium Cone
| HF: 1” Aluminium / MMagnesium Alloy Dome

Maximum sound level		| 106 dB continuous from 35Hz upwards

Total amplification power 	| LF: 500 W MF: 250 W HF: 250 W

Amplification Performance 	| Class-D, Power Factor Correction, Hybrid Cooling

Frequency response 		| 30 Hz – 20 kHz ± 1 DB

Network 				| Ethernet over RJ45

Power supply 			| 110V – 230V AC, 50 – 60 HZ

Dimensions (H x W x D) 	| 19.09" (H) x 10.62" (W) x 14.96" (D)

Weight 				| 57lb 5oz

Finishes 				| Solid Oak, White Baffle
| Solid Oak, Black Baffle
| White Wash, White Baffle
| Black Stain, Black Baffle 

- What's in the Box
2 x 8c speaker
2 x IEC power cord matching your regional power outlets
2 x CAT5e network cable;
1 x pair of gloves; for carefully handling your loudspeakers
1 x AES terminator 
1 x Manual 

- Manuals & Downloads
[@DOWNLOAD MANUAL~https://dutchdutch.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/8c-manual-English-november-2019.pdf]
[@DOWNLOAD SPEC SHEET~https://dutchdutch.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/8c-Spec-Sheet-2019.pdf]
[@DOWNLOAD REW GUIDE~https://support.dutchdutch.com/how-to-take-your-musical-enjoyment-from-great-to-incredible-rew-roommatching-guide/]

- Warranty
Dutch & Dutch 8c come with a one year standard warranty. You can extend the warranty to three years by registering the product with Dutch & Dutch.

Inside Dutch & Dutch 8c
Tune to your room
Unlike most speakers, the 8c can be tuned to the room – not the room to the system. 8c’s adapt to the room they are in and can be placed very close to room boundaries without losing performance.
Literally everything you need
Along with a high-end DAC, amp, subwoofer and DSP, the Roon Ready 8c comes with streaming capabilities built-in, making it a perfect upgrade for a music aficionado.
Solid materials = solid sound
Crafted from 20mm thick solid oak, every 8c panel is unique and therefore no pair look the same. Internally, the 8c uses birch plywood to create the separate compartments for the drivers and to brace the cabinet.